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Okay, so you have finally opened your new store after many months of preparation and work. Several weeks have passed and much to your dismay you’re finding the foot traffic is far from the levels you were hoping for. Or perhaps you have plenty of potential customers walking through your doors but most of them just end up walking back out without even closing a sale.

In either scenario, custom-made business banners may offer you an effective solution to help get people into your store, as well as help, move the merchandise or services you’re looking to sell. Getting the right message quickly to today’s consumer is more important than ever.

A big colorful Banner is next to impossible for anyone not to read. Whatever message you decide to put on it is up to you but I can tell you if you put the right text and graphics on your business banners you are almost guaranteed to increase your foot traffic and sales.

One popular online site that specializes in custom banners is Banner Buzz.  They have banners starting out as low as $6.99 and to place an order you simply click start order on their homepage. They also have an online banner design tool which helps create your business sign in just minutes.

Some of the banner categories you can choose from include street banners, event banners such as for weddings and political signs. Bannerbuzz also specializes in holiday banners for Christmas, Thanksgiving and so on.

For business banners, they have a large selection to choose from including promotional banners, retail banners, trade shows, real estate, restaurants and more. For the purpose of this review, we are going to assume that we want Banner Buzz to make us a sales banner for our store that will arrive within a week.

To start we simply click the order button on their site and then choose the size we want for our new sale banner. They show options ranging from 3 x 2 all the way up to 26 x 10 ft. They even let you choose a custom size if you need something unique. We will say we want a 3 x 6 Banner. A price then pops up showing us $44 for the cost of the banner.

Next, we click the checkout button and are now presented with several options including the type of finish we want for our banner. The options include flash cut, hem edges or stitched edges. Next, we can choose whether we want grommets or not. Other options for our new custom banner include upgrades in the material like lamination, wind flaps, velcro or made in an ultraviolet print. They also have mesh banners, canvas banners, cloth and fabric banners starting out at $9.99.

Let’s not forget about accessories for our Banner. After all, we can have the nicest looking banner in the world show up but if we are missing the required accessories to display it properly it was pretty much a huge waste. Well luckily Banner Buzz gives us every option we could possibly want and we can choose from adding zip ties, wall brackets, banner clips, rope, skyhooks and more.

After we have selected everything we want for our banner we click add to cart and we are presented with the shipping options which range from $7.95 all the way up to overnight shipping for $49.99. We will assume that we need our new sales banner pretty quick so we will choose the priority shipping option for $19.95.

Next, we click the proceed to checkout button and bam just like that Banner Buzz will start making our new shiny custom banner. Sounds pretty simple right? If your banner order is over $99 they also include free shipping.

So what are their past customers saying? On Trustpilot, Banner Buzz has a 5 out of 10-star rating with 219 reviews. In their own rating system, they hold a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with 2100 customer reviews. ResellerRatings has Banner Buzz with an 8.8 out of 10-star rating with 1900 reviews. Overall they seem like a pretty legitimate company to use for your custom banner needs.

So what are you waiting for? Get your custom business banner made today so you can start reaping the rewards tomorrow in the form of more customers and sales. Bannerbuzz is currently running a 15% off sale on all of their signs at the time of this writing.

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