Types of Custom Outdoor LED Signs

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If you’re looking to get a custom outdoor LED sign made for your business we’ve got an informative write up for you today. We’re going to also reveal one of the more popular LED sign makers online that makes these high quality LED signs. So let’s dive in and explore all of the different types of LED signs available for nearly any type of business or organization.

The first thing you’re going to want to look for an outdoor LED sign is for it to be weatherproof. This will ensure that your outdoor business sign will last without needing maintenance on it for years to come.

What are the different types of outdoor LED signs?

There are multiple kinds of outdoor LED signs depending on your business needs. First, you will need to decide on what type of outdoor LED sign is right for you. If your business is near an area with large pedestrian traffic or a busy intersection a high-resolution outdoor LED sign might be the best option for your business.

The goal with this type of sign is to have it as close to your audience as possible. The advantage of a high resolution LED sign is that it will show a lot of pixels and has the ability to display high-resolution images. This allows you more graphics and content on your sign. Some of the more popular business types that use high resolution LED signs are shopping malls, movie theaters, and sports venues.

The most popular type of outdoor LED sign is the medium-resolution sign.

These are usually ideal for places such as shopping malls that are a little further away from the road. The great thing about this type of sign is it can be placed just about anywhere. When you see a typical business sign it is most likely one of these types of signs.

Another type of popular LED sign is sports displays and scoreboards as the name suggests these will display the scores of sporting events. They also have features such as instant replay and showing sponsor ads that can be displayed to help improve your Fan Experience.

If you are looking to increase sponsorship Revenue a sports display or video scoreboard might just be the answer. These are often used in sporting arenas and ball fields.

Another type of outdoor LED business sign is the monochrome sign these type of lighted outdoor signs are usually more cost-effective and in some instances more zoning friendly. The only downside to this type of sign is it is limited to one primary color but also shows different shades of that same color to enhance the look of the message.

Another popular type of outdoor LED sign that has been around for ages is the time display sign. These usually display the current time and temperature. The great thing about having a time or temperature sign on your business sign is the fact that people have a tendency to take pictures when the temperature is either very hot or very cold. This basically equates to free advertising and especially today when people have a tendency to share their photos on social media. There’s even the possibility of your temperature sign going viral with your business name on it. This actually happens all the time.

Another popular type of outdoor sign is the LED gas price sign. These offer gas stations a way to advertise the price per gallon in real time without needing someone having to go out and change the prices manually. Gas price signs can usually be set-up to automatically reflect the price of your current pump prices also without having to manually input them into your point of sale system.

If you are looking for a quality outdoor LED sign maker American sign letters is a leading supplier of LED signs online. They offer free shipping and also offer the latest in HD LED digital technology. Their LED signs also display up to double the resolution of many other outdoor LED sign makers. If that’s not enough their latest LED signs produce up the 281 trillion colors and offer a 4K Ultra display. They rate the lifetime LED sign to last up to 100,000 hours. They also offer some of the best wholesale pricing on the market for outdoor LED signs. And are designed to fit on just about all outdoor sign frames and billboards.

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